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A little about Peggy Lou “I Love Me”

Loving silver jewellery from an early age, I was always wearing my mum’s silver jewellery as a child (which she had a lot of, may I mention), and it would make me feel beautiful and like a million dollars.

Sitting here in 2020 thinking how I could make other women feel the same about jewellery and have my mum’s name live on, Peggy Lou, and “I Love Me” was created, and I became a silver jewellery maker in Rochester.

Always remember – You are loved

Peggy Lou was my beautiful mum who passed away at the age of just 46 with brain cancer. A saying she always told me and my sister was “Always Remember You Are Loved” and that’s what Peggy Lou “I Love Me” is, made with love and kindness. It’s all about loving yourself and treating yourself. As a sterling silver jewellery maker in Rochester, I would like all of Peggy Lou’s unique handmade jewellery to be meaningful and beautiful for the person purchasing but also the person receiving it.

Feel beautiful

A favourite saying of mine is “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful”. I would like all women to feel this way when wearing Peggy Lou’s jewellery, whether that be the gorgeous Stacker bracelets or rings, which can be stacked in any combination or worn individually, or any other item of jewellery I produce.

Much love to you all xx



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